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Questions in the Bag

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I took this idea from a teacher trainer in an ELT seminar.Before the game, prepare a set of questions (15-20 questions- any type questions)including recently taught structures. Write them on pieces of paper.Then put them in a bag. Find an ordinary ball. Divide your class into two groups. And have them make two circles. Give the ball to one group and give the bag to the other group. Play disco music. As long as the students hear the music they pass the ball and the bag to the student next to themselves.When you pause the music they stop and the student with the bag in his/her hand draw a question and ask it to the student with the ball in his/her hand in the other group.If he/she can answer it, he/she stays in the group and the students with the bag goes out of the game. If he/she can not answer it, he/she goes out of the game and the student with the bag stays in the group and group exchange the ball and the bag. Teacher goes on pausing the music until there are 3 or 4 students left in a group. The group with more students win the game. Rahmi GŁnindi- Vezirkopru Anadolu Lisesi-Samsun-TURKEY

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