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I start this quiz game for intermediate to advanced secondary school to adult students with a 15-20 minute conversation about differences between men and women. Specifically, I try to elicit whether women and men are interested in different things in life, talk about different subjects, learn different things as they grow up. Students are often quite opinionated on this subject!

Next, I ask all the women in the class to form a group at one end of the classroom and all the men on the opposite side. It doesn't matter that there are the exact same number of men and women, but it should be close. Then I ask each group to come up with ten questions that they believe most people of the same sex could answer, and most of the opposite sex couldn't. The main criterion is that they believe at least 75% of people of their own gender would know the answer. Of course, the questions also have to be grammatically correct.

Finally, each team takes turns asking the other the questions -- with really surprising results! For instance, as a female teacher, I could not believe that not one man in my class knew what Louis Vuitton makes, and we all had a good laugh when the men asked the women which direction was north and they pointed to all 4 corners of the room.

I've played this game in secondary school, university, and corporate classes, and it's been successful, engrossing, and different every time.

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