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I used Krypto original game with grades 2-12th. I can use all 5 cards or cut it down for the younger ones. I also allow them to use only addition and subtraction if they have not yet had higher math.
You place out 3-5 cards according to directions and students' math level. They have to add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide the numbers to equal the 5th or odd card. Sometimes you get a "dud" which doesn't work. The winner always got an "A". The second place a "B". It was the greatest game and was responsible for my student's going from failing grades to all "A's" the next semester after only working with me for 2 months.
You don't have to take turns so everyone tries everytime.
It is fast paced and very challenging. The discipline of mental math skills is something they don't get in school these days. I also do NOT allow calculators.
For ESL students: have them say in English the problem when they have it solved. If they can't, they don't get full points.
Enjoy and have fun!

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