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Blind Artists

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Divide the class into pairs.
For each pair ask which student is the artist. Blindfold this student. The other student receives a box of pens, pencils, or crayons and a picture. I gave them a picture of a State Flag, for example, to learn more about Utah history.

The "seeing partner" must describe to the student how to draw the flag. He can hand the "blind" student the appropriate colored pen, but he cannot touch the "blind" student's hand or touch the paper. Speech is the only tool.

This was a fantastic way to get them to use the correct verbs and the right vocabulary to get their partner to draw the picture. And the partner had to listen and understand the English used.

After everyone was done we judged which flag best resembled the real flag and then talked about symbolism used in the flag.

This activity could be used for any flag, monument, symbol-- anything you want the students to remember. They will remember it!

Jennifer Stock
Salt Lake City, Utah

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