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Typical American Day Verb Play

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This game practices verb tenses and gives foreign students a taste of what your everyday life back home is really like!

It's great for beginning - Intermediate students.

I'm an American college student, so I described in detail what I did during a typical day in college.

I underlined the following headings on the board and spaced them evenly across the top of the board: Time, Verb, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

Under Time, I'd write: "8:00a.m."
Under Verb, I'd write: "to wake up"
Under Yesterday, I'd write: "I woke up"
Under Today, I'd write, "I wake up"
Under Tomorrow, I'd write, "I will wake up."

I'd go through the day, listing each time, having students practice saying each time in different ways (you can say 3:00pm as "three p.m., or as three o'clock), then asking them: Nina, if I checked my email yesterday, what do I do today? Nina would respond, "you check your email." And then I'd ask, "So then what will I do tomorrow, Nina?" And Nina would answer "You WILL check your email."

I went through pretty much every little thing I did in that day, from watching a DVD with friends to going to class to meeting up for a study group, etc. This activity practices time-telling, teaches them useful verbs you'd use in everyday life and language, and gives them a taste of what your life back home is like.

You can have them do it for themselves, and then you learn about their life!

teaching in Hunan, China
from New York, New York, USA

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