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Word Association Challenge

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This game incorporates part of a game show called Let's Make a Deal...but mostly it's good for getting lower level students to put English words together. I'm sure this game could be adjusted to higher levels, but for my students it worked well.
Each row of students is a team. On the blackboard I write a list of words they know, everyday words like shoes, winter, eat, etc. In my hand I have another list of associated words, like feet, skiing, hungry. After calling out a word on my list, I say a number. The number is for the horizontal rows of if I say 3 then all the students sitting in the 3rd desks' row can answer, by raising their hands. Changing the number all the time keeps them on their toes. They have to choose the word that is associated with the one I said. If they are first and get it right, their team (vertical row) gets 10 points. Their team can then get 30 more points for a challenge...A Challenge is something fun. I have a list ready of things like, if anyone on your team has a picture of their friends with them, or will come draw Mickey Mouse on the blackboard, or can say the English alphabet in 20 seconds. They enjoy the challenges and the fact that they get more points for them than the word association's funny and motivating for them.
I hope you try this game in whole or in part. My students had a lot of fun...which is always good.
HOkkaido, Japan

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