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Grammar-based game for more advanced students.
Based on UK TV programme Countdown, where contestants choose vowels or consonants to create words, but this one involves parts of speech to make sentences.
Having no girlfriend or meaningful life to speak of, I made about 200 cards of various words and put them into envelopes according to parts of speech; then blu-tacked the envelopes to the bottom of the board and put on frock to resemble host Carol Vorderman (her own mother couldn't tell us apart. But I digress.) Divided class into teams of 4, asked a team to select 15 words (" a noun, please... now an adjective... another noun")and then gave all the teams 5 minutes to create the longest sentence they could. Got them thinking hard about sentence structure etc, but also fun if you include some interesting words (one team complained of another "kiss came out as a verb but they've used it as a noun") The good news is that although it adds to the theatricality of the exercise, you don't need to prepare hundreds of words (or do the dressing up), you can just make up the words or pretend to select them from a book or pretend your mobile phone is a word-generating computer. Maybe it is, I can't keep up with this technology. I have enough trouble getting a signal on my carrier pigeon.

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