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First I have to say that I have read and used several other great ideas here. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to share, and to "Dave" for making this available.

In my hagwan here in South Korea I have to teach ONE storybook for SIX weeks (ahh!) and therefore have been trying to keep the students interested. They love to play Go Fish and Hangman and all those things, but today I thought of a (new?) idea that was fun and easy to make, it was relevant to the page we were going to study and they loved it!

The gist of this activity is having the students selecting 2 words out of a hat and then making a sentence out of them. What I did today was for a very low level: eg. SALLY is my SISTER.

Just in case you want the details, here they are...

- Write names (characters from the book being studied, teachers, students, whatever) names on slips of paper and put them in a (hat, envelope, bowl, cup whatever)
- Write the target words on slips of paper(in my case today it was brother, sister, friend, dog, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin, teacher, student) and put those in another "hat"
- Prepare a placemat type thing that says: ______ is my ________. (or, if you're low on time, just write it on the board or even have the students write it out. I just really wanted the kids to see the sentence lined up nicely and even drew a box with dotted lines which matched the size of the slips. I plan at a later date to be able to use them for other things like switching word order, and adding adjectives)

For the lesson:
- introduce the target words/vocab however you see fit.
- have the students take one of each type of word (i.e. a name and a title/relationship) and place it in the right spot on the page. I was interested to see that some of my 10 year olds did it wrong at first (eg. sister is my Sally)
- have each student read his/her sentence (once the laughter has subsided from the previous one)

The best part about this was when the students realized how perposterous (sp?) the sentences could be. A great one was when one student got my name and "student": hence "Clair teacher is my student". Also when the gender didn't match eg "Danny is my sister".

Not sure how much actual learning took place with this, but I know they had fun, and each of them spoke with enthusiasm. And, as mentioned above, it will help me help them build their sentence-making skills.

Please let me know if you use this and how it goes, or if you think of an extension to this (as I know I'll be lookin for ideas sooner than later)

Clair Jones
Yongin, South Korea
[email protected]

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