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hangman tic tac toe

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For any level, depending on the vocabulary. This activity puts both games together. First you should choose a topic, e.g. bodyparts, sports, clothes, etc. Make a big grid on a board and in each space, make small horizontal lines, like in hangman, representing the number of letters each word has. write small numbers 1 to 9 on the divisions (like a phone dial)so it's easier to know what word students want to guess. divide the group in two teams. toss a coin to see who goes first. group A chooses a space from the grid and says a letter. if the letter is in the word they can say another one, and so on until they know what word it is. once this happens you should mark the square with an x or an o. if the letter is not in the word it's the other team's turn and they decide whether to continue guessing the same word or another one.
the purpose is to get three in a row, just like in tic tac toe.

i've played with kids and adults and the really like it.

gabriel pelaez
cali, colombia

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