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Spelling Elimination

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Works well with big or small groups of children.I came up with this idea when wondering what game I could play with a group of 40 kids.
The class is made up of 6 rows so I make their rows their teams.
Write no.s 1 to 6 on the board corresponding to their teams and
ask for 1 volunteer from each team to come up the front and stand
in a line with their backs to the board facing the class.
Make sure each student is standing under their correct team number
so you can keep score more easily.
You start by saying a word eg. apple.The student closest to you must
say the first letter of the word 'a' the next student says the next
letter 'p' and so on.If a student makes a mistake they are eliminated
and must sit down.You keep playing until there is only one person left.The first person eliminated gets 1 pt, the second person 2pts
and so on with the winner recieving 6 pts and a small prize.
After the first round get 6 different students up the front.
Start with really easy words and work your way up.
Students love this game.

Paul Morehu

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