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Alphabet fun

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This activity is good for big or small classes.I have 20 children in
my class so I usally divide them into four teams of five.
For each team draw a grid on the board 5x5 using all the letters of the alphabet.Put x and y together so the grid makes a square.
A B C D E Give each team a pen and some paper and you will read
F G H I J out a category eg. things you can wear.Explain to them
etc. that they will hav a 1 minute time limit to write down
as many words as they can think of that are in that category.Also explain that the first letter of each word they write down will be erased from their grid on the If team 1 has the words hat, gloves, and t-shirt then you would erase the letters h,g and t from their grid.The first team to have all their letters erased is the winner.When time is up get each team to read out the words they have while you rub the corresponding letters off their grid.Vary the difficulty of the categories depending on how long you want the game to go.Works really well.

Paul Morehu
New Zealand

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