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This is great to get intermediate to advanced students speaking. It forces them to create conversation, form questions, steer the dialog in a certain way....just like real life.

Write out sentences on slips of paper. Each student gets one. (s)He cannot show it to anyone. Put two chairs at the front of the room. Two students start. They must construct the conversation in order to say their sentence. As soon as they say their sentence, they leave, and the next student sits down. The conversation must be coherent. They cannot just sit, say their sentence and leave. They must ask questions so that the opponent's answer leads the dialog in such a way that they can fit their sentence in.
It is a good idea to include sentences that have discourse markers, such as that those, them, it, they, he, she, etc, etc.

Example sentences:
1) Yes, I know what you mean. Mine does the same thing.
2) I only do that on rainy weekends.
3) No way! I could never tell him that.

It is great to see the students really trying to guide a conversation and those not speaking paying attention so they can use the information in their stories. It is also really funny when a student says the sentence and stands up. The person still sitting is quite frustrated, but in a fun way.

Good luck.
Tony, São Paulo, Brazil

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