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Blind Man Mayhem - Directions

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This is a pretty simple game, but is super effective in getting kids to speak and apply directions in a very real way. I use this game with 12 year olds, but this game can be used with any kid who knows their directions and a few basic verbs.

What you need:
A Blind Fold
Moveable desks

Teach the kids directions, if they don't already know. Up, Down, Left, Right, Turn, Go, Straight, etc. Go over these a few times until they can use them.

So, the game is, you blind fold one of the kids and have them stand outside the room for a minute or two. While he/she is out there, you and the rest of the class rearrange the desks and set a "goal". This could be a chair, an arbitrary spot, or pretty much anything. Once the room is a giant mess of chairs and desks, guide the blindfolded kid back into the room. Then all the other kids have to guide him/her with the directions they have just learned to get them to the goal.

It's a great game where the kids can go crazy and have a good time. I played it four or five times, and this took about 30 minutes or so. Give it a shot!

Evan Driscoll, Kobe, Japan

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