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The Nutty Student

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This is a crazy and fun game that gets the children wild! I invented it in my first week of teaching here in Taiwan. I had never taught any class before that...

1) Write some occupations and some action verbs in big boxes on on the whiteboard.
2) Divide the class into two teams, of which each team receives two sticky balls each.
3) One random student in the classroom is obliged to leave the classroom with the teacher.
4) The teacher will give the student that left the classroom the occupation and the action verb.
5) The student will return to the classroom and act out the two words in the classroom. (For example, a police officer dancing)
6) The first students who have figured out the pantomime will pick up the sticky balls and throw them at the correct words on the board.

The first one wins!

This is quite fun, as every one gets a good laugh, and at the same time almost gets a heart attack running for the board and hitting the right words!

Tip: If you don't want children running around the class and climbing over each other, then I suggest you choose only two team members on each team to throw the sticky balls (e.g. numbers 2 and 5).

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