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Fantastic phonics--vowel pairs

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I teach English to kinder through sixth grade. Because phonics are different in Spanish than they are in English, I find that reinforcing lessons with a kinsthetic aspect is important. In Spanish, 'ai' and 'ay' make the long I sound and 'au' makes the 'ow' sound.

When we come to the vowel pair 'ay', for example, I have students make two fists. They name the left fist 'A' and the right fist "Y" and then they bang them together and say "AY". So, practicing it goes like this. "A"--left fist, "Y"--right fist, bang together "AY". I often see my students repeat this action while they're reading to remind themselves.
I do this with ai, ay, ee, ea, oa, ow. I hope it helps

Brooke Segler-Rybnikar
Morro Bay, California

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