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Paper Airplane Prepositions

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I used this in my grammar class...worked like a charm. Print out a step by step diagram explaining how to make a paper airplane. Have a different design for each group. The ones I used were fairly complex, but you could go simpler if needed. Put your Ss in groups and have them write directions corresponding with the pictures (for example: Step one-fold the paper in half vertically. Step two-make two triangles out of the top corners...) It gets them to work on directional words, spatial prepositions, shapes, phrasal verbs, imperatives, etc etc etc. Then have them swap papers and follow another team's instructions. Knowing that someone else has to read it and understand and follow their directions forces them to be really really clear and descriptive. Then have a contest to see whose plane flies the farthest...

I used this with high intermediate adults and they got really into it. Plus the look on their faces when they realize they're actually going to make and fly paper airplanes in grammar class is priceless...The whole exercise took about an hour.


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