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Write on the board "What colour is it?"
" I think it's......."
and "You win!"
"You lose!"

Each student gets 6 small pieces of paper. 2 with "RED" written on them, 2 with "BLUE" and 2 with "GREEN".
The students face off in pairs like Janken, by putting one piece of paper in their fist and holding it out and say "What colour is it?"
The other student says " I think it's green,red or blue"
They open their fist and say either "you win" or "you lose". If they are correct then they take the paper.
Each person in the pair take it in turns to guess and then move on to another person. Set a time limit. At the end the winner is the group or individual with the most pieces of paper.
I have used this with classes of between 4 and 40 in Japan. I think its similarity to Janken in that there are 3 choices accounts for its success.

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