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Land mine

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Students work in pairs. Lay out any non-sharp objects around the classroom like plush toys or balls, etc. Separate the pair into opposite ends of the room with the objects in between. Student 1 is blindfolded. Student 2 is to lead his/her partner safely across the "mines" to his/her side of the room, using left, right, stop, go, back, and forward,etc. without getting Student 1 to step or brush against any of the objects strewn across the floor. The fun part is that the other partners will be doing the same thing so they have to raise their voices to be heard. This works great for quiet students and must speak loud enough for their partners to hear. the listener is also challenged because s/he has to listen for his/her partners voice or s/he will surely fail. If a student steps on an object, s/he must go back and start over. Once student 1 has finished, switch partner roles.

Nou Ka Yang
Kyoto, Japan

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