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The Quiet-Meter

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The next time you have an large, unruly, out-of-control class, don't get angry. Don't yell, don't shout, and don't ask students to stand in the corner. In fact, don't do anything.

Do this:

Draw a large, but simple outline of a thermometer on the chalkboard. Divide the stem into various segments. Next, at equal intervals write the letters A to F in descending order. Finally, write the sentence 'This is your grade' below the diagram. Then, try to carry on with your class. As the students chat or misbehave, erase a segment of the 'Quiet-Meter' from the top to bottom. Soon, they will get the point. When the class is over, it should be clear what their grade for the class will be.

Please note: this only works for oral classes in which the foreign teacher must assign a mark. If there is no grading, then write a privilege at the bottom of the 'Quiet-Meter' such as 'Music Hour', 'Talk About NBA', 'Card Games', etc. If there is too much talking and the 'Quiet-Meter falls to zero, then the students lose their privilege for that class.


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