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This is a game we used to play in grade school. Our teacher used multiplication flash cards. You can use any type of flashcards. The first two students stand up-one student next to the other at their desk. The teacher shows the flash card and the first student that answers correctly moves on to the next desk where both students stand: thereby going around the world(class) until everyone has a chance to play. I use alphabet flashcards with 1st graders or very early beginners. With older students use words, or words with pictures on the same page. You prep the students first by showing them all ths flashcards and then play. The students are very competitive and excited to play. If both players don't know a word or letter within 5 seconds show the class and see who knows. This can keep all the students engaged. Stand in from of the class so all students can see. Use flashcards that are big enough too. You can make your own or buy them. I use keywords we are working on and you can have students make their own smaller copies of these cards too. I always ask both students before the card is shown "Are you ready?" and if they tie in their response I say "tie." So, they are learning some useful words and phrases naturally. I always give positive feed back--"very good, great, all right" and high fives after a student has made a good run around part of the world. I am always pleasently surprised by some students who are quiet in the class that do quite well. Keep it moving fast. But, I do give some students who seem a bit overwhelmed at first more opportunities with; "one more time" or "tie." I try not to crush anyone. Even for the second place student I say "good job. very close!"

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