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Grammar Error Hunt

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Here is a simple idea that gets advanced students reading extensively and critically online – hunting grammatical errors in Internet news stories.

The challenge set for my advanced business EFL students is to find a news story that contains grammatical errors. I limit them to the big online news outlets such as BBC, CBC, CNN, etc. because they have a wide range of professionally written articles and they really should be error free.

Once they find a story with an error, they must bring the story to our next class and see if anyone else can spot the original problem. They then present their recommended ‘fix’ and it is discussed in class. Many of the online news outlets offer a link to report errors to the editorial staff and it is an exciting thing when students see that their error has been fixed in the way they suggested.

This can become an intensely competitive part of every class as students vie to be the most successful ‘hunter’.

Ron Pyke, Örebro, Sweden

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