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Stick the ball to the board

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Firstly - I didn't invent this game - I was introduced to this game by other teachers in South Korea - where I've been teaching, so the credit for this goes to those who invented it, and those who introduced me to it, with my thanks - not to me!

There may, of course, already exist on this site another name for this game!

For this game you need a ball that will stick to a white-board.

On the board you draw a small circle with "100" in it (100 points). Outside that draw another outer one with 50 - then a 3rd worth 30 and the most outer one worth 10. Outside the circle is -10

Divide your class into 2 or more teams - or people can play against each other. Ask questions and a right answer earns that students a throw of the ball. They throw at the crcles on the board and how many points they get depends on which circle the ball lands in e.g. in the 50 circle earns 50 points. If the ball lands in between two - i.e. on the line between say 50 & 100, decide the score with rock, scissors, paper between the teacher and the student who threw the ball. If the student wins they get the higher score and vice versa.

You can upgrade this game by splitting up the circles into smaller sections with 500 & -500, bankrupt etc. Here you can afford to have more variety and higher scores/points. it's possible for a team to loose on negative points by answering all the questions and getting a minus each time - or win by getting no throws whilst the other team/s get a lot of throws and minuses!

This is a great game for fun or lesson material revision. I use the workbook questions and excersises as questions to ask for students to answer to get a throw of the ball.

My students love this game and ask for it all the time - they always ant the up-graded version.

I cannot thank enough those teachers who introduced me to this game, and those who invented it. I owe this game so much and I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.

Good Luck,

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