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The Market Game

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I came up with this on off the top of my head while working at a hagwon here in Korea. I needed something to keep a crazy class from climbing the walls and torturing each other. I've used it many times and they keep asking for it!

Materials: just a set of flashcards with a picture and the written English word on it

Hand out all the flashcards to the students. It doesn't matter if some have more than others. The purpose of the game is to buy and sell the flashcards, using the number of letters per word as currency. Before you start anything, have the students count how many letters they have in total with all their cards. This is their base amount, and at the end you want to see who 'made' money.

Let's say I had the flashcards "desk", "elephant", and "school". Respectively, "desk" is worth $4, "elephant" is worth $8, and "school" is worth $6. However, if I wanted to sell my "desk", I would sell it for double what it is worth - so $8. But when buying an item, your currency is still worth its regular price. Let's say another student wanted to sell me "cat", which is worth $6, I could give him my "school" card b/c it is worth $6. Only when selling are the cards worth double their letter value. Make sense? Kids catch on fairly quickly.

For vocabulary, I've used "What do you want?" "Would you like ____?" "How much is it?" "Sale!!" "Can I have ____?" etc. I'm sure you can think of others too.

Within minutes, you'll have kids haggling over prices, creating sets (all the color cards, or the mother/father cards) and selling them for way higher. It is fun to watch, and you will definitely pick out the business people!

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