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Tootie Frootie

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players: 2-as much as you want
Think alot!!! you have to pick a letter and write in a separte line or box, write a name,thing,animal,food,city,color,state or country,number and mark all starting with the same letter. EX. letter A: Name; Angela, Thing: Airplane Animal:Ape etc... once one person is done must yell "tootie frootie!!" when one person is done everyone must stop writing. then you ask everyone what they wrote down for every category. if someones word that they wrote down is the same as someone else's they get 5 points. if you dont match with anyone else you get a 10. you repeat the same things with different letters. at the end yopu add up all the points and who ever gets the most points is the WINNER!! less points you get the stupider you are! (make sure every person has a separate sheet. no one must cheat and copy answers!

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