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TOPIC : Parts of the body
TIME : 20 min.
LEVEL/CLASS : Pre-intermediate - 8. Grade


1. I stuck the words related to parts of the body such as eye,knee,hand….on the board.
2. I divided the class into two group, as group A and B .
3. I asked each group to choose a model to represent their group.The models stood in front of the board.
4. Then five students in each group came to the board and they queued as two lines. I gave puppets to each group for organizing turn taking.
5. I read the definition of one word. And the one who push the puppet first had the right to guess the word.
6. After guessing the word correctly, she/he took the word from the board and stuck the word on their group and went to the end of the queue.
7. At the end of this activity, we counted the words on each model and the group which had more word on their model won the competition.

NOTE: Rather than giving long definition of these words, we may give some clues about these words. This may be used for lower level students.

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