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Musical Bingo

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I've used this activity successfully with all age groups and levels, and it takes very little prep time. List the words of a song on the board in any order - I usually choose alphabetical. Ask the students to draw a Bingo board, and to fill it in with any words they want from the board. Then play the song, and students listen for the words they've written on their boards, trying to get a bingo. Usually 2 or 3 of them will get Bingo after one listening, so for the second listening I tell them to try for a blackout (all the words on their board).

If you want to follow-up, you can provide the lyrics and discuss them, make the students sing along, etc.

I learned this from a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer whose name I have since forgotten, but I'd give her the credit if I could!

W L Nelson
Poznan Poland

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