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Talk To The Hand

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I start every class with tongue twisters to help with that pesky pronunciation.
Of course being in Asia I focus on the ‘r’ and ‘l’ sounds.
The key to correct pronunciation of the sounds is in the placement of the tongue. I draw a diagram of the proper placement on the board: Down and against bottom teeth ‘rrrr’. Up and against top front teeth, ‘llll’.
As we say the ‘rrrrr’ sound I hold my hand out flat, palm DOWN (tongue should be down).
As we say the ‘lllll’’ sound I flip my hand, still palm down but fingers pointing UP (tongue is up).
This is a simple visual and it helps the students focus on their tongue placement. Get the students to do it also. You will be surprised at how they concentrate to ‘talk to the hand!”
(remember the phoneme: it is –llllllllll- not el.)

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