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Phonics Jenga

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This is a game that someone showed me that I think is great. I think almost everyone is familiar with the game Jenga. The one where you take the block from the bottom and put it on top and try to make a tower without having it collapse. Well, this can work well with phonics. First you need one of those phonics foam puzzles. What you do is take the letters out of the puzzle and distribute them to each student (or team of students if you have a big class). The first student who starts, picks a letter eg. A ... ah .. ah .. Apple! They put the letter in the middle of the table, the next student takes another letter says the letter, the sound and word. Then they put it on top of the first letter, and so on! Kids love it and it's great for all ages. Although if you decide to do this with younger students, I suggest setting up a mini-tower with maybe 5 or 6 letters first so that they understand what's going on. It's the falling down that makes it exciting for them.

Joe White
Shizuoka, Japan

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