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Blackboard Baseball Bees

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Spelling Bee with flair.Very simple game played on a blackboard.Draw a baseball diamond on the board. Divide the class into two teams. Each team plays until there are three outs. ( I try to organise the teams to make them fair)
The teacher is the pitcher (variant pick a student) for both teams. The student then choses what base he/she is going for. The higher the base the harder the word. eg; 1st base cat 2nd base stop 3rd base flower etc. The moves are just like real baseball. If someone is on second and the next student choses a double and gets it right. the student on second goes home and the batter goes to second. The winning team with most runs. I usually give two candies or stickers to winning team. (so no-body feels real bad give one to losing team, optional)

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