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Containers Completely Contain

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Lots of ideas for this list are sure to be found! Hopefully it can be imported to Excel.
But review with students (per appropriate level)and then divide into teams and see how many additional examples the students can come up with.


>> To indicate number/plurality with non-count nouns use a plural partitive phrase.
Partitive Phrase
Singular Plural Type Container materials Examples (count and non-count):
1 a bag of bags of Container plastic, burlap rice, bread, tomatoes, onions, pasta, carrots, flour
2 a bar of bars of Portion chocolate, soap
3 a basket of baskets of Container plastic, wood cherry tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries
4 a bottle of bottles of Container glass, plastic juice, wine, water, tea, soda, oil
5 a bowl of bowls of Portion cereal, soup, pudding, jello, salad
6 a box of boxes of Container cardboard ice cream, crackers, cookies, chocolate, candy
7 a bunch of bunches of Portion grapes, tomatoes, bananas
8 a can of cans of Container tin, aluminum soda, coffee, tea, fruit, vegetables, nuts, beans, tomato sauce, tuna
9 a carton of cartons of Container cardboard eggs, milk
10 a container of containers of Container (All) tomatoes, water
11 a cube of cubes of Portion none, wax paper butter, ice, meat
12 a cup of cups of Container glass, plastic water, juice, milk, soda
13 a drop of drops of Portion water, soup, juice
14 a gallon of gallons of Portion water, juice, milk, soda
15 a glass of glasses of Container glass, plastic water, juice, milk, soda
16 a grain of grains of Portion rice, oatmeal, kasha,
17 a head of heads of Portion lettuce, cauliflower, broccolli
18 a jar of jars of Container glass, plastic mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, peanut butter, jam, jelly
19 a jug of jugs of Container glass, plastic wine, cider, water, vinegar
20 a kind of kinds of Type/Kind ice cream (chocolate, vanilla), chocolate (white, milk, dark), cheese (Swiss, cheddar, mozerella)
21 a loaf of loaves of Portion bread, wheat bread, white bread, french bread
22 a pack of packs of Container cardboard cigarettes, gum
23 a package of packages of Container (All), styrofoam, plastic meat, fish, chicken, spaghetti, popcorn, lunch meat, ham
24 a packet of packets of Container paper sugar, tea, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salt, pepper
25 a pair of pairs of Portion dice, legs
26 a piece of pieces of Portion pizza, pie, cake, bread, meat
27 a pint of pints of Portion ice cream
28 a plate of plates of Portion food, salad
29 a portion of portions of Portion food, meat, salad, cheese
30 a pound of pounds of Portion meat, fish, chicken, shrimp
31 a quart of quarts of Portion milk, ice cream
32 a sack of sacks of Container paper, burlap, plastic rice, flour, coffee
33 a scoop of scoops of Portion cat food, ice cream
34 a sheet of sheets of Portion paper, fabric softener
35 a six-pack of six-packs of Container tin, aluminum, plastic beer, soda
36 a slice of slices of Portion pizza, pie, cake, bread, meat
37 a spoon of spoons of Portion soup, salad
38 a stick of sticks of Portion butter, margarine
39 a Tablespoon of Tablespoons of Portion
40 a teaspoon of teaspoons of Portion salt, baking soda, baking powder
41 a tub of tubs of Container plastic yogurt, sour cream, margarine, cream cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream
42 a tube of tubes of Container plastic toothpaste
43 a type of types of Type/Kind (All) ice cream (chocolate, vanilla), chocolate (white, milk, dark)
44 a unit of units of Portion blood,

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