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BLINDFOLDS work speaking miracles

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I played this game over the last week and was absolutely thrilled!! The kids spoke english the entire class, which was amazing since they are normally quiet as mice.

I started off with introducing new vocabulary words; left, right, go, stop, up, down, straight. After they were able to pronounce them correctly and we translated them into their language so they knew what the words meant, I blindfolded myself and told the kids I wanted to drink some water but I couldn't see. They all laughed, but right away kids started yelling out directions. When I finally made it to the water, I took off the blindfold and saw that the kids were so excited about guiding me using english.

So, here is the fun part. I made blindfolds the previous day and put the kids into groups of about 3-4, giving each group a blindfold. I took them outside where the kids got a chance to guide a person in their group around the school. They laughed so hard when I told them to pretend the blindfolded person was a foreigner and they spoke english the whole time!

1. no touching the student wearing the blindfold
2. only english allowed (although this wasn't a problem)
3. each student must wear the blindfold for about 5 minutes

Megan (Thailand) [email protected]

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