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Blind Robot game

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For this lesson you teach the directions 'in front, behind, left, right, you make the kids learn what they mean then bring one child to the front of the class and make him perform movements of left (one step left) right (one step right) etc. Practice with a few kids. Then show them an item (i use a water bottle) place it on a desk and call a kid up. Make sure he can do the movements and blindfold him, (i use a scarf). Using the directions he's learnt you can direct him to the bottle. I then make two teams and then from each team i pick a robot and a teacher to guide the robot, just ensure the kids are quiet and sit when the game is played. I award points for quick times and sometimes include turn, and hands up hands down in the vocabulary. You can easily perform this lesson in 40 minutes.

Lien Feasey

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