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Up the line

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To get my students to speak English, raise hands, etc. I have a vertical column on the board. I write "homework" about 4 inches from the bottom, "game" about 10 inches. Each time they speak English, I draw a small portion of line going up - if they pass "homework", they don't have homework that day. If by any chance, they get past "game", I give them a sticker towards playing a game ( usually they need 5 stickers to get a game which takes up a whole class.) If they speak French or out of turn, I erase a portion. The name of it - "up the line" - comes from the students shouting out "up the line". Although I'm aware that isn't good English, I haven't found anything else quite as punchy - "increase the line" "draw the line up" "elongate the line" "lengthen the line" - none of them sound as good. Any ideas?

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