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Have you ever had a student with having difficulty in not know how to explain a process? Here is a very fun drawing activity.

Illustrating a Process - How to Make, Build, Play

Demonstrating HOW something works

Explaining a Process:

If you have ever baked a cake following a recipe, assembled a toy or a piece of furniture or a bicycle that came with instructions, or followed written directions on HOW to get to a place, you know that your success often depends on how well the instructions were written.

Questions for discussion:

Have you ever come across something that you didn’t know …

• HOW to USE something?

• How to FUNTION something?

• How to MAKE something?

• Explain HOW to do something?

Lesson objective: Using a “STEP BY STEP” instructions…

• First you must … Brainstorm with your teammate on various products, recipes, directions of something that you both know and decide on one to illustrate the process in (point form).

• Second… Start with a list of WHAT IS NEEDED, such as tools, and materials or ingredients. To make sure that you have everything need required.

• Then… make sure to use the point form and illustrate each step in the process. Using 1st, 2nd, 3rd

• Be sure to …write simple and short sentences for others to better understand.

• Don’t forget to illustrate your idea’s in simple diagrams

• Then… each team will present these to the class.

By the end of this lesson you should:

Know HOW to describe a step by step process or give instructions and practice writing more effective instructions.

Have fun and BE CREATIVE!

Past examples included: Cooking recipes such as [making] hand-rolled kimbab /or mandu, making origami, [building] cy-world websites /or a kite, [playing] a game, or playing a type of sub-cultural game/sport/or cultural/traditional activities & games such as card games, or types of tossing games, or an online pc game/ or speaking games, or games from childhood etcetera, etcetera. Other examples can be suggested by the teacher.

Tobias fifield
Langauge & Arts Instructor in Seoul

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