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Give each student an index card with four statements. Two say something in the first person, and two say something about "My partner," using vocabulary your students are working on. So, one card for my class says:
I have a bad memory.
I am sick of English.
My partner is totally confused.
My partner is a big coffee drinker.

Another student would have an
index card that is the opposite, saying "I am totally confused," and "My partner is sick of English," etc.

Give the students a couple minutes to memorize their card, and then collect them. Then, tell the students to go find their partner.
It took my class of 12 about 3 or 4 minutes to do this. I made the cards so that they had to remember all four statements in order to find their correct partner.
For example, more than one person had "a bad memory."

Finally, once they found their partner, I had conversation topics for them to work on, so they asked
about each other's daily schedule, plans for the weekend, academic interests, etc. When they were finished with the conversation topics, they went back to their seats, and I asked them questions, such as "What time does your partner wake up in the morning."

That's about it. It took about 25 minutes for a lower intermediate class of 12.

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