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A4 size paper, folded in half

Write a topic in the front and at the back 5-10 guide questions.
Appoint a person to be the group leader (GL).
GL reads out the questions to the group asking people at random. Usually the conversation will start drifting away from the topic and that's ok. You step in to change the topic or question.


Q- If you had enough money (and time) where would you like to go?
Q- Would you travel to a country where you couldn't speak the language? how would you communicate?
etc ...

Hope this helps

Errr.. well I like the new look of DESLcafe and I hope that the cookbook will sometime in the future have a rating system where teachers who have tried something can rate it. I think sometimes the present rating works and sometimes it doesn't. I personally get put off if I don't see a 'WOW'. :)
"if you're recipe isn't really good I just might not let the Recipe Master add it to the collection! " - you do a great job cheers!!!!! and thanks!!! :)

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