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If you have access to a DVD/VCD player this is a great idea. I think it works great with a popular music video but could easily done with a segment from a movie or program. Preferably choose to show a 5 or 10 minute segment or video that has a diverse backdrop and contains many different things and is suitable for children. I think that the video for Tonight, Tonight by the Smashing Pumpkins works great and also gives a taste of modern american culture. Its funny, creative and has tons of different objects and actions. Now, divide the kids into teams and explain that they will watch the video. Make them take out a piece of paper and choose names for their teams. Explain that for each object seen in the video that a student writes down their team will get one point. If they write down a sentence explaining an action in the video ( i.e. The man and the woman are falling through the sky.) they will get 5 points for their team. At the end tally up the points (I eliminate duplicate answers) and reward the winners with stickers!

Dan in Harbin, China
[email protected]

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