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The Square Game

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I made this one up, but IO'm sure there is a real game and variation with it somewhere.

My kindergartners here in Korea are studying phonics, and one of the games we play for review they have started calling "The Box Game". What I do is draw three boxes horizontally and three vertically, with the middle box of the horizontal boxes being the center so the two lines form a "T", like a crossword. Take whatever vocabular words and draw a simple picture on your board of your vocabulary word. When a child guese what the picture is, have that child come up to the board and have them spell the word for you. Each child gets a point or a happy face for correct spelling, and if a child has trouble, I ask the class to help them out This has become a HUGE hit with my class, and it works best with words that share a common vowel (such as "cat" or "ham").

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