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For teaching body parts draw an ugly-looking human on the board and ask the students which animal this is...You could do it for animals in the future and teach special corresponding parts (i.e paws)too. Then have the students come up and one draw a body part at a turn and elicit the name fromt he rest of the students, student who drew must write the name (get them to help him or her spell) until you have a full body (don't forget irregular plurals such as tooth-teeth). Then hand out paper to each student (and markers) and instruct them to draw a pair of feet (you can stress what to include, toes, heels, and then fold the paper exactly where the picture ends, pass papers over and draw the next part according to teacher's instructions; try to encourage funny parts like "Marge Simpson hair". At the end student open the pictures and find weird monsters, they are usually loyal to their feet, so let them keep their respective pictures according to feet. You can top it all off with a sing-along of "Head and shoulders, knees and toes".
Leora, Tel-Aviv, Israel

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