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I have tried this very simple game in several of my primary school classes in China and it has worked very well.
I use it when we have been practising structures such as "do you want a ..." "do you need a ..." "do you like ...". First I establish a vocabulary set: fruit, pizza ingredients, colours etc., and write them up on the board. Then I take some cards with 3 or 4 of the vocab items on them, and ask the students to ask me "Do you want a ...?" If they are right I give the appropriate response ("Yes I do/No I don't" etc) and tick the list on the board. They can keep asking as long as they get it right. If they are wrong their turn is over, and the item gets a cross against it. The students get really excited as it becomes more apparent what the 3 items on my list are.The one who gives the full correct question ("Do you want an apple, an orange, and a banana?") wins, with applause, or the right to be have the next turn, whatever.
When they have got the idea, I give a card to a student to take my place. This gives lots of practice in the question and answer structure, as well as the vocab.

Carolyn, in Guangdong, China.

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