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Proverb Cards

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1. Pick up 30-40 proverbs you often use.
2. On a piece of paper, write first half of a proverb and second half on the back.(For easier use, you may want to change the color of the pens on the front and the back.) For the paper, I bought some packets of postcards at 100yen-shop and split them in half.
I got my students to make the paper and write down the proverbs.
One set is preferrable for two students, but I guess 1 for 3-4 students is OK.

3. Once the sets are ready, you can use them as many times as you want.
Now, spread out the cards with the backsides up.
4. The teacher reads the first half of the proverbs out loud.
Like, "When in Rome...", then the students are to find the card with "do as the Romans do." The student who got the most cards in the group is the winner.

I came up with this idea about 10 months ago and now we have 3 kinds of decks which add up to more than 100 proverbs.
I also use some expressions that are not proverbs but English speakers use often, like "Flattery will get you nowhere", "Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.", "That's what friends are for.", and so on.

Proverbs are used as they are so it is faily easy for even beginner English speakers to catch them. Also my students say that they could learn a lot of words in the proverbs. Proverbs are often quoated even in entrance exams for college, so I think it will do good for high school students.

Once it seems most students have learned most proverbs, I give them an assignment to make a story which reminds us of a certain proverb they have picked. They tell their stories each other and make others guess which proverb it is about.

Miyuki S
Shizuoka, Japan

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