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Someone suggested that I take my students to the grocery store, so I did. The game I came up with was inspired by Iron Chef. Here are the rules.

1) Split the class up into teams. Try to mix the boys with the girls. I'll explain in a minute.

2)Come up with an occasion for which a big meal must be made. Mine was a birthday party that necessitated beer, cake, spaghetti, and orange juice. Include as many ingredients as you like. Explain the difference between name brand and generic brand items and how one is usually cheaper than the other.

Both teams must find the ingredients in the store, write down the items, write down the price, and report back to the teacher.

3)The team that gets all the ingredients for the cheapest price wins the game.

Don't do boys against the girls because girls tend to be better bargain shoppers than boys. Mix them up.

5)Try to create a sense of urgency by giving the students a time limit of say 15 minutes. You the teacher do not want to be waiting around too long for this exercise.

If you can reward the winning team with something good to eat, do it.

This is a good way to break the monotony of the classroom goings-on.

Let me know what you think.
Ryan Gerard
Georgia Christian University
Lilburn, GA, USA
[email protected]

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