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I use a book called Very Easy True Stories for help with this one. In this book there are some very easy stories which are suitable for all ages Kids and Adults. The book has the stories broken into tiles with a sentence underneath and the book also has a real photo and the story unbroken so you can show the students what the story is about.

What I do is I photocopy the story tiles, erase the numbers and cut the tiles out ensuring the sentence that is below the tile is kept. I then stick them into envvelopes for the activity later. Usually 5 sets of these tiles is plenty.

Next, I read the story to the students once and I show the photo that comes with the story, ensuring that I read the unbroken story not the tiled story (to easy to pause at end of each tile).

Their task is to listen and then reassemble the story from the tiles. Once all students are finished I get them to read the story back to me and to the other students with the one rule "Nobody change your stories" also saying that this story could be wrong and your story could be correct, so changing would make your story wrong.

At the end I reread the story (tiled version) and they can see where they went wrong with their reconstruction.

The students work in pairs, threes or advanced students in singles. Another modification is to do the reconstruction of the story without hearing the story the first so its all guess work.

Works very well and in you are technically checking out their listening, speaking and cognitive skills. All ages seem to enjoy this from kids to professional adults.

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