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Sentence tic-tac-toe

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pulled this out of my deepest darkest memory of 4th grade when I was desperate one day. Draw a grid (7 by 7 seems to be the best balance between size and the time children will allow you to leave them with out a focus). The first time we play put a number on each column and row. The children are divided up in two teams (xs and os). The teams take turns giving coordinates of the square thy want marked, and I go through the teams one child at a time so that all have a chance. Depending on the level of children they have to get 4 or 5 in a row. They must give the horizontal number first, it helps to build excitement when a child makes a mistake and picks a wrong square.

The next time we play the game we play with letters and they must give me a word that starts with the letters they want to use, depending on the class I write the words down as they are used and they cant be reused.

The last iteration I have come up with is to use adjectives on the horizontal and nouns on the vertical and the student must make a sentence using the words he has chosen

Dan, China

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