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How has the "Blue Key"

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I was recently asked to develop an activity to get kids speaking
English all day at school. After looking at the local Principal in a strange way
I went off and thought about it.

I struggled to come up with an idea as the task wasn’t easy.

Anyway I must have been blessed because an idea came tome and it
worked brilliantly.
School very impressed, kids had a lot of fun and more English spoken
in playground than at any time in my last two years here.


I brought 10 blue aluminium key blanks. Nine were plain one had
yellow flowers on it. That was the “Special Key”.

The idea was to write 5 questions
Eg What is your name?
How are you today?
Who is your English teacher?
When is your birthday?
Do you read English books?

Questions were posted up around the school.
9 students and one teacher were secretly given a blue key. To get the
key from then students had to ask the secret question which was one
of the five mentioned above. “When is your birthday?
However they also had to ask for the Blue Key after every question.
Eg What is your name/ My name is Ming/ do you have the Blue Key/ No I

Eventually someone would say When is your birthday?/ its in February/
do you have the Blue Key./ Yes I have the key….they then had to hand
it over.
DO KIDS CHEAT …Yes but they spoke English all day and the keys
changed hands hundreds of times. At the end of the day the kids with
the blue keys took them home. At the assembly this morning the kids
with the blue keys came on stage and received a small pize. The
student with the special key received a “special prize”

One kid ended up with two keys and got two prizes.

I have to do it again in two weeks so all I need to do is change the
questions it may be a food theme. Eg What did you have fior
breakfast? What is your favourite drink.
This was a very successful activity and the school was buzzing…..

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