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This is a fun activity that can be used for reading, listening, memory or anything really...
adapt it for your own purposes
I made it up myself:)
But don't we all...

Explanation of game:

You can put students in pairs or teams for this activity.

Give students a short text to read.
Let them look at it for awhile.
They are going to present it to the class.
Choose one team to present first (Team A)
One student will read it, while the others act it out through mime.

When they are finished the other team/s can answer why first.

Then the A team asks the other team a bunch of questions about their text.

EG. How many bananas did she buy?
What was the name of the newspaper?
What was wrong with the apple?
Why did she buy the paper?

An example of a short text for activity:

“A girl walked into a shop. She bought two bananas, an apple and a newspaper. The newpaper was called “ The Daily Telegraph”.
Her brother was in the newspaper because his hockey team had won the National School Games. When she left the shop she waved goodbye to the shopkeeper. She noticed he was wearing a yellow shirt. Outside the shop the girl took a bite of the apple.
She realised it was all bruised. She went back into the shop to tell the shop keeper. She saw that now he was wearing a blue shirt. Why?”
If you want to complicate don’t ask any questions be asked until all the teams have finished presenting. Test their memories!

Nerissa Dowling
[email protected]

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