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Happy Hopliday Hootinanny

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I was actually able to think of an activity that was fun and exciting. This is for holiday lessons, (I did American) First divide the class into 2 teams, and hand out cards listing the activities that occur on that given holiday. "We light fireworks and have a big celebration" 4th of July. Each team (and every team member) must then act out the activities, with the opposing team trying to guess what the actual holiday is. This encourages the teams to be VERY active and animated, for if they dont act well, I'll take a point from them (begin with 3), and if the other team guesses then they are given a point.Of course, I listed all the names on the board, so they have SOMETHING to work with.I used 18 commonly known holidays for this game.
A few rules...
-The acting team cannot say the name (Mothers Day got em good)
-If they act poorly, they lose a point.
-If they guess correctly, they gain a point
-Each team begins with 3 points
-Every team member must act each time, even as an "extra"
-After each turn, Ill explain in depth about the holiday
Hope you like it... dont delete me! =P

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