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Students call Attendance and discuss Homework

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Recently, I have been selecting pairs in my high school classes to call attendance. Learners love it because they feel like they are teaching. Depending on the homework assignment, I tell the pair to read a person's name off the class list and ask him/her to answer a question. However, to make sure the class pays attention, I tell the pair to mix-up the order. For example:

Caller A: Young-Min, please read number 5.
(Young-Min answers and the teacher will intervene if there is a mistake).
Caller B: Su-Kyung, please read the answer to number 2.
(Su-Kyung answers.)

I don't worry if there are more students than answers because repition is good. Also, when a student responds in a weak voice, the caller may ask for a repeat of the answer.
Try it!

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