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Divide class in teams.
Each team has 2 writers and 1 or 2 runners (depending on size of class).
You give a word to all teams, and all members of the teams must think up sentences using this key word (ex: Superman, monkeys, etc.).
When a team member has a sentence they must raise their hand to alert the runner.
The runner must go to the blackboard where he will tell the sentence to a writer.
The writer must then write the sentence on the board.
After a few minutes, stop the round and evaluate the sentences for each team. Ex: most sentences, fancy words, negative forms, questions, adjectives, imagination.
Count points and award the winners or have the "not winners" perform a silly task.

Variant: You may add a portion to the points couting system by allowing teams to steal points if they spot mistakes in the sentences of other teams. For example, when I would be awarding points I would give reasons for those points being awarded. However if I saw a mistake in a sentence (ex: incorect verb form), I would ask the question: Who can correct this mistake? The first person to raise their hand would get a shot. If they correct it, their team steals the point from the other.

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