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This one worked well with my basic class of 4 students. First, you give them a list of 5 categories or so. I chose First Pet, Favorite vacation, Favorite book, Silliest mistake in college, Oldest Friend. You ask each student to circle the category they want someone to interview them about.

Next, you pair off the teams, one person is the interviewer and one is the interviewee. The interviewer asks as much and the interviewee gives as much information on the subject as they can in 15 minutes. (It's about the interviewee's first pet, or other category).

After time is up, the two people in the other group now interrogate the interviewer. He or she must answer all their questions about the subject correctly, even guessing if needed. There is a competition - who will get the first 10 points? One point goes to the interrogators if they can stump the interviewer. Vice versa if the interviewer gets the answer right. The interviewee is the judge.

Sounds complicated, so the best thing to do is write the instructions on a sheet and give it to all members, then go over the instructions yourself with them.

It's alot of fun and can fill over an hour of class time with lots of talk and thinking in English!

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